The MBSR seminar sessions took me way out of my comfort zone, but it was worth the effort. The interaction with other class members became an important part of the program for me.

As the sessions progressed, I began to reduce the amount of (depression) medication I was taking. By the end of the program I was off of the medication completely. I have learned new ways to manage the stresses--meditation and yoga. The program taught me how to focus my energies to achieve the same effect as the medications without any unpleasant side-effects.

One of the most positive results of the program is that I now have the confidence that I can manage the stresses myself. I received some important tools that allow me use what is in me, and in all of us, to manage the stresses of life and to manage the pain from the migraines. Not eliminate them, but manage them.


I didn't realize how much MBSR had affected me until after completion of the course. I actually miss the opportunity of meeting with like-minded people once a week, to learn stillness. I learned a lot about myself - some of it bad, but most of it good. The sitting meditation is something you can do anywhere, at any time and only takes a few minutes or as long as you'd like. The body scan (my particular favorite) is like taking a nap without sleeping, and afterward, feeling very refreshed.

You are never pushed beyond your limits, and are encouraged to do "what is right for you." The approach is comforting and relaxed. You will notice a difference in your life after taking this course.


[what you feel you got from the SRP]: The ability to STOP and to not blame myself for all the bad that happens because of my inattentiveness to what is going on around me.

[Have you made any changes in your lifestyles as a result of taking the SRP?]: More open to people, changes, and more willing to go and do. Fun is back in my life with more new friends.

I go with the flow and don't judge, which has allowed greater insight.


The most significant concept I have taken from the course is that self-compassion reduces stress. It has a ripple effect as cutting myself some slack means I can cut others some slack as well.

I would recommend this class to anyone who seeks to create a more peaceful life and centered approach to all of life's happenings. This course doesn't "fix" anything but gives some tools in coping with life's ups and downs.

The CD's are great.

I very much appreciate your time and commitment to leading the group. You have enriched my life.


A way to catch my thoughts when I'm stressing out and almost immediately bringing myself back to present moment and comfort myself and calm down. I am also taking a less judgmental attitude towards myself and others. Also, an awareness of body tension and relaxing muscles.

Meditation is such a valuable tool for stress reduction and happiness. Yoga in addition is something almost everyone can do, and both also can help with physical pain and psychological pain that can cause physical symptoms in the body.

All the CD's were exellent! It would be helpful to have pictures of the yoga poses and their names.

Dr. Wendt and Sherry did an outstanding job of keeping all of us on topic during discussions. The discussions were very therapeutic. It was fun and interesting to have Dr. Wendt and Sherry team teach. Thank you for the time and effort you put into the program!


Mindful based stress reduction has helped me control my stress in my personal and professional life. This class has taught me to use a tool I would otherwise not have learned on my own.

Really liked the discussion formats. Felt connected to others in the class. John and Sherry provided a very non-threatening environment for sharing and practice. They were an effective and interesting team. Thanks for your dedication and gift of your time and sharing of yourselves!


(What are you taking away from this class?) Knowledge/realization of self. Great relaxation techniques.

(Recommend it to others?) Absolutely! One of the best classes I have taken for myself.

(CD's) Dr. Wendt, your soothing voice makes them A#1. Thank you! Great to have them long term.

And thank you and Sherry!


(Love) John's voice, Sherry's calm manner in teaching yoga--(she makes it accessible to all bodies--wow! what a talent!) Both teachers' ability to listen without judgment and treat participants as their equals, very non-judgmental, patient and caring people.

Best quote: "You don't have to like it. You just have to do it." (Sherry--1st class)

(Silent retreat) What a most excellent day! We were sorry when it was over. It has spurred us on to do more retreats.

John and Sherry: We are so thankful to you both for creating such a friendly, caring and safe space for us to learn about mindfulness. Many thanks!

D.U. and J.K.

(Taking away) numerous techniques to aid me if I experience anxiety or depression. A greatly improved (renewed) outlook on life. Walking meditation helped me figure out something very important. Over the last two years I have been "speeding up" to see more/live more. Now I believe I will see more/live more if I slow down. Fascinating. More readings!


There is another speed in life (slow is not bad). Kindness starts with being kind to myself. Poems were great. Discussions were frank, candid, true to the heart. Thank you class.


The yoga and walking are a good addition to the sitting meditation that was already working well for me. (Silent retreat) liked it a lot and found it very soothing. The week on patience has been a beacon for me though I have a long way to go. This program has had a very positive impact on my life.


(Taking away) the ability to slow down a bit. A new appreciation and awareness that I can do yoga. A bit more acceptance for my limitations. (Recommend) yes absolutely. It is taught in a way that makes it accessible and comfortable. I appreciate the yoga being "try this pose within your limits, and now push just a bit." I have a different (good) view of yoga now. I can do yoga! (CDs) these were all very good and your voice is very easy to listen to, and soothing. (Discussions) these were always helpful, and it was good to learn that I had more in common with others than I realized!


Great techniques I can use daily, and that has helped me so much since taking the course. A greater awareness of my own ability to improve both how I moved through my day and how the practice is improving my physical health. Noticeable reduction in anxiety and less severe depression. I so appreciate the CDs. And you have a very calming voice. It's easy to feel safe, calm and centered when listening to them. Well-paced. Thank you so much. It took me five years to finally take the class, but I am so glad I did!


The one-on-one exercises were very helpful. The exercise helps you see the underlying problems that you have, that you don't normally pay attention to. Good tools to know and to have to help reduce stress, balance your emotion and feel more at peace with yourself.


I really enjoyed the class. Got a lot of benefit. This is hard work, and I'm determined to stay with it. I'm grateful for these teachings and for your kindness in offering them.


Migraine headaches are still an issue, but I am able to catch some of them in time before medication is needed. I breathe, meditate and sometimes they subside thank you! These are all good skills to have and include some eye-opening moments. (Silent retreat) loved it. I would do it again. It was nice to take a day of silence no kids no chores no worries. It took five hours, but I got to feel what it was like to have a quiet mind. I won't forget it. CDs were great guided meditations I will keep them and revisit them if I feel I have fallen out of practice. Readings were very helpful. I especially liked the article about patience. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Can I come back? This has changed my life.


I definitely would recommend this to others. Because we all live such hurried lives and internalize so much. This is a path that can show how to alter that. (Discussions) it was good to know I am not alone in my feelings even though others come from different paths.


Comfortable, non-threatening, non-judging environment--we could share as much or as little as we felt comfortable with doing.


(Taking away) a better understanding of the practice; I feel more in touch with myself; interest in learning more about the practice. (Sitting meditation) My favorite. At first I could not concentrate at all; by week 8 I am very relaxed and able to clear my mind. (Discussions) Liked hearing others' stories--we all came for different reasons but are all alike. I learned lots!


Better mind control towards my pain. More patience with myself. (Recommend) Yes! because it is a great way to learn patience and control over your own thoughts. (Readings and other materials) excellent! Dr. Wendt was very knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge in an easy to understand manner.


Definitely doing more meditation and yoga. It definitely gave me a structure for keeping up my practice. Enjoyed the readings and poems. It's gratifying seeing a hospital encouraging alternatuve methods of dealing with pain and stress.


I am less fearful about the pain from my migraines. I have better communication with my husband. I am feeling less hard on myself at the end of these 8 weeks. So happy about this! It helps people cope better and make positive changes. Excellent choices of readings. I am so grateful to you for leading this class. I highly recommend it to everyone I know!


A better understanding and knowledge of meditation. Very structured but you make it seem easier that I thought it could be.